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I’ve always been interested on the creative process itself as much as artistic outcomes. It’s the magic of something from nothing. The mystery of that. The spark of inspiration that calls us to follow where it leads — one trusting step after another. …

We don’t know what we’re going to do or what’s going to happen. We can only speculate.

It’s knowing that we don’t know that’s the trick.

And it might be that this constitutes powerlessness. But it also amounts to freedom from the need to control.

There’s this deep mystery around…

Studying Buddhism can be a vast endeavour and has many, many approaches. But the true study of Buddhism is the study of our Buddha-nature. That which we are.

If we study and observe our own human nature with sufficient unbiased scrutiny, the liberating truth of the nature of reality will be revealed.

Much of our tension and contraction and clinging is a response to our inherent sense of groundlessness. Ironically, in attempting to find some firm footing we distress ourselves even more.

The answer to the issue of groundlessness isn’t to grasp but to let go.

Clutching after unattainable certainty, security, stability, permanence, has us perpetually fearful and unsettled.

Surrender to the freefall instead. It’s not only inevitable but it turns out to be most enjoyable. Who knew?!

I don’t like cynicism. It gets over-used. It may be that sometimes its target is justified. But it rapidly becomes a blanket philosophy for life. An easy cop-out from sincerity and vulnerability. And then its just like adding poison to every meal.

It’s much harder but more rewarding to try to see the best in people. Or at least not to unremittingly project the worst.

There’s not much to be said ultimately about what we should be or shouldn’t be doing. Or notions like being in or out of alignment with the ‘higher truth’. Ideas like sin, right action, or ‘being in accord with natural law’ are useful to a point. …

Enjoy the bliss of this
Without question or need
Just falling ever into it
Into this

No questions asked
No seeking found
Heavenly peace

Who knows where this freefall will lead?
Or what we’ll encounter
On this endless drop

But who cares?
Enjoy the ride
The forever slide


The secret is in how we ‘handle’ the moment. More to the point, it’s about WHO and WHAT is handling the moment. Because if there’s some second-guessing egoic mind trying to sort out good from bad, wanted from unwanted in every moment, then life is going to be experienced as a real pain in the ass.

But if what’s handling life is ‘you as being’, you as awareness, you as freedom, then all will flow through you without a hitch, without resistance. Then even if judgement turns up it doesn’t disturb the freeflow of experiencing. Because from that boundless perspective whatever turns up is just another part of it, part of you. Nothing to exclude, nothing to excise.

Martyn Webber

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